guests with your favorite music.

Taylor Courtney, Founder

Meet the DJ's

In 2011 Taylor began pursuing DJ'ing as a full time career and founded Bring On The Bash. Since then he's mixed at hundreds of weddings, events, restaurants and parties with a style that seamlessly blends pop, hip-hop, funk, soul, electronic, alternative, rock and reggae. His talent’s have given him the opportunities to be the main entertainment at events such as Fête En Blanc and open for bands like Earth, Wind & Fire.

When Taylor isn't hosting an event, he spends time with his wife Kelsey and their children Pearl, Gray, Goldie, Clementine & Poppy. Free time is spent planning D&D sessions, trying new recipes and playing Baldur's Gate III. 

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Mark Bryan, DJ

Mark grew up as a night club DJ in Harrisburg, PA starting at the age of 14 (yes, with vinyl records and turntables). He loves to create an atmosphere through music that encourages people to celebrate the moment and have the time of their lives on the dance floor. The preeminent aspect of Mark's DJing are the seamless song transitions to ensure non-stop energy on the dance floor!

Mark works in a music studio during the day crafting world-renowned cheerleading mixes and dance music tracks which have garnered international notoriety.

When he's not doing something musical, Mark is in the gym working out and spending time with his wife...who is alsohis wedding event partner! Lastly, he is a pre-workout drink connoisseur.

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Tony Stoltzfus, DJ

Since a young age Tony has been in a variety of bands. First starting with playing percussion in his middle school band, then playing bass in his school’s jazz band. At age 11 Tony joined his sister bluegrass band and played upright bass.

Tony was drawn to DJing after attending weddings and school parties that had DJs who mixed songs together. “Hearing and identifying the new song that’s being mixed in is really fun.”

When not DJing, Tony spends his time working out, finishing up his degree in business and traveling to Europe and South America.

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Jordan Cox, DJ

Jordan is a passionate DJ who loves to bring people together through dance parties. He started his career as a youth pastor, where he used music to create a welcoming-fun environment for his students. After being approached to DJ a wedding by two of his former students, he began DJing semi-professionally. He joined the Bring on the Bash team after experiencing one of their dance parties and seeing the impact they had on people and the event. Jordan believes that DJing is about creating an experience that will stay with people long after the party is over.
Outside of DJing, Jordan is passionate about people, fitness, and new coffee shops. He works as an Academic Advisor at UPenn and serves in college ministries.

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Our Unskippable Songs

These playlists are curated by each of our DJs and represent what they listen to on a daily basis. If you were in the car with us, this is a sample of what we might put on. These playlists do not represent what we play at weddings but who we are as people. Enjoy the randomness!

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Sure, people will dance to the YMCA.

But there are other ways to fill the dance floor.

Many couples dream of creating the perfect party for their wedding, only to be disappointed when the DJ plays cliché wedding songs that don’t fit their style.

Reset the bar

Your favorite music:

A party to remember:

One for the ages:


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Everyone will be talking about how much fun they had at your wedding for years to come.

Whether you want throwbacks, contemporary, or something else entirely, your wedding will have your music.

We’ll play off the energy of the crowd to keep the dance floor full from first song to last call. 




A five-star DJ = 

We believe your guests should have the time of their lives and rave about your wedding for years to come. This drive has led us to serve over 800+ couples since 2013, earn an average rating of 5.0/5.0 stars, and win Best of the Knot in 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022 and 2023. 

Like you, we’ve been to weddings with a DJ who played lackluster music and was an awkward emcee. We remember those weddings, but not for the reasons we’d like. 

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By the end of the night, there was not a butt in any seat — they were all on the dance floor

Most importantly, we wanted a dance party and HOLY HECK did we get one. We had multiple people come up to us after the wedding and say: "Seriously one of the best DJ's!” I kept saying, 'Ok, after the next song I'll take a breather,' but HE JUST KEPT PLAYING THE BEST MUSIC! Needless to say, the dance floor was going all night.

— Amory K.

I interviewed quite a number of DJs — then I met Taylor, and it was the BEST DECISION WE MADE. Not only did he NAIL the types of music we wanted, but he made me feel so comfortable that he'd make it perfect. The entire night our guests kept saying "I knew you guys were going to kill it with the music.

— Kris S. 

Taylor nailed it!!! Multiple people commented that they’ve never seen a dance floor that full - and it stayed that way the entire night! Taylor did an amazing job reading the crowd and playing the perfect blend of music we suggested in our questionnaire, while giving it his own spin at the same time. He’s also extremely personable, upbeat, and fun. You will not regret booking Taylor. We could not be happier with our choice and cannot thank you enough!

It’s easy to party with us

Meet your DJ: 

Whether through email or a call, we'll make sure that we understand your vision.

Share your Favorites:

Curate your playlist as long as it's fun. When it gets stressful, we’ll handle it from there. 

Enjoy your party:

Let loose and dance the night away with your guests.


It’s easy to party with us

It’s easy to party with us




We’ll help you nail the vibe you want.

The Details:


The ceremony is your *moment.* Enjoy it, and let us take care of the details. We’ll play every song right on cue and make sure your guests can hear the officiant and your vows. 

We Will:

Provide a wireless mic for the officiant

Have 2 channels available for live music

Have a wireless handheld mic for readings and vows

Set the mood with songs you love before, during & after the ceremony

Be late to set up

Miss our cues

Forget to charge our batteries

Play music you’ve never heard before

We Won't:

Cocktail Hour

Time to celebrate. We’ll create a mood for mingling with great music, unique to you. 


We know how to help everyone have a great time.
  • We’ll make sure we’re clear on timelines and any tricky last names so intros go off without a hitch. We’ll keep it classy, too. (Read: Announcements won’t sound like they’re coming from the hype man on a morning radio show host.)

  • Dinner music will start off mellow and slowly build the energy until the dance party starts.

  • We’ll mix together the songs you love and read the room as we go to keep everyone enjoying the party.

The "Average" wedding is six hours and covers the ceremony, cocktail, and reception.


Get up offa that thing.

Additional services to amp up the party.

Fun for Everyone, Photos Forever

When else will you have everyone you love all in one place? Create and capture all the memories with a photo booth.

Learn more here

Light it up

Time to get lit

A dance party requires more than just music. 

Create the atmosphere you envision and get the most bang for your buck with the dramatic visual impact of up lights.

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Oh, what a night…

We play your perfect mix of songs and get everyone on the dance floor for a party they’ll never forget.