The confetti has settled, the toasts have been made, and the dances danced. However, in the whirlwind of festivities, capturing less-curated moments for social media becomes a daunting task. The result? Over the next week, your’re texted nothing but blurry phone pics and shaky videos from guests as a testament to the joyous occasion.

Fill the gap between “I do” and “I did"

Share your love story, one post at a time

Imagine being able to instantly share snippets of your enchanting day with loved ones. Every heartfelt toast, every candid smile, every memorable dance, is now a digital memento (and on your phone within 24 hours), preserving the magic of your union. With Lovestruck Social, you can not only relive your special day but also allow others to partake in the joy of your celebration.

From moments to memories

Lovestruck Social offers a hassle-free way to capture and curate authentic moments from your wedding for instant sharing. Our team documents behind the scene moments, heartfelt speeches, and joyous dances to create reels, stories and galleries of your wedding that reflect the magic of your day. In just a few clicks, you’ll have a treasure trove of shareable memories at your fingertips.

Receive your curated content and start delighting your audience with glimpses of your special day.

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Dance, laugh, and make unforgettable memories while we capture the magic.

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Share the Love in Three Simple Steps

Share the Love in Three Simple Steps


Hear From Couples Who Made their Post-Wedding Days Special

The Rufs 

We could not be more thrilled with the amazing content we received! Having our wedding posted live was such a fun feature! I had so many compliments from people who loved seeing our wedding day on social media in real time!

Emily G.

I am able to truly go back and re-watch our favorite moments of the day! have also received many compliments on our reels! Thank you so much for coming to our wedding and providing us with videos and photos of our day! It brings happy tears to my eyes each time I watch it! I’m not sure my words can really express just how thankful and appreciative I am! Thank you so much!”

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