When you are trained by real DJs, you can create a successful career in music.

Our DJs describe themselves as:

We stay focused on the task at hand and know what is coming up next. 

Sometimes interactions can be unsavory, let it roll off.
(especially interactions with drunk people)

 We consistently push ourselves to listen to music we’ve never heard before and continue honing our craft of mixing.




Why Train with
Bring On The Bash?

Many DJ companies will hire anyone off the street as long as they are interested in being a DJ. Then it gets worse when the DJ lacks the necessary skills needed to make someone’s wedding memorable in a good way.

At Bring On The Bash we train every DJ over the course of a wedding season on and off the job site. We know that being a DJ is more than just hitting play. And we’ll be with you through your development.

After finishing your training with Bring On The Bash you’ll be ready to curate, emcee and DJ any event and have a career in entertainment and music.


– Jeremy Flick

Before the training with Bring On The Bash, I had never touched a DJ controller or had any exposure to live mixing. The one-on-one training gave me the skills and confidence to succeed as a wedding DJ.




What do you learn during your training?

We’ll teach you how to curate music for any event and how to throw a wicked dance party every time!


You will get ample practice speaking to groups of all sizes and learn when to talk and when to be quiet. 

Client management: 

Making sure you understand the client’s vision is paramount. You’ll learn how to conduct a sales call, respond to clients and organize their important details.

We don’t want your experience with Bring On The Bash to be another blurb on your resume.

We are on a mission to entertain guests with the couples favorite music. If you DJ for Bring On The Bash you’ll learn how to create lifelong memories for clients and their guests.

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